Having come from backgrounds studying music at Kent State University, the members of Scarlet and the Harlots are clearly the nerdiest, bad-ass rockers to come from Northeastern Ohio. Skill, desire, and the burning need for good music keeps them together and focused. They get to the nitty gritty, low down dirty core of Blues Rock and top it off with rhythmically strong, vibrant colors.

The core band, consisting of two guitars, bass and drums provides the up-tempo foundation for Scarlet’s powerful lead vocals and passionate, determined lyrics. The horn section adds fullness to their rich and dynamic sound.

A “must see” experience, Scarlet & the Harlots stage show heralds a time in rock history where no holds were barred, everyone was fun-loving and people felt alive. The band recently rocked Buzzbin Art and Music Shop at the CD release of the self-titled debut! Check out the bands awesome review by Buzzbin Magazine and find us on YouTube! Look for Scarlet & The Harlots now on Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby.